Where From

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“Honnan hová”

60×50 cm oil on canvas

Price: 1000 Euros


3 thoughts on “Where From

  1. I really love the rich blues you achieve in your paintings. Would you please share which blues you are using? I am guessing prussian blue on the right side of the mountain, cerelean in the lake and ultramarine in the forest in the foreground?


    1. Dear cshapiro, I always try to create a lot of tones out of just a few colors. This picture is also based on the variation of two colors, the ultramarine cobalt and the cobalt blue, but mostly the ultramarine. The warm colors are also blue and I used a mixture of ochre for those. What often seem to be blue is in fact grey, but the human eye perceives them as blue, even though there are actually exciting grey. It is always a mighty task for a painter to create new colors.


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